Capital Production Circle

‘Youth Film Project’, 2014

In 2014 Outset Germany supported a youth project within the framework of Harun Farocki’s exhibition Serious Games at Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin. The week-long project gave pupils of a Berlin school the chance to shoot a documentary film.

The objective of the project was to analyse and deal with social and medial systems and their rules. The inspirational spark came from artist Harun Farocki’s videos; the result was a documentary shot in February 2014 by 16 pupils and their teacher of Berlin school Walter-Gropius-Gemeinschaftsschule, Berlin-Neukölln.

With the guidance of experienced artistic directors Anna Faroqhi and Haim Peretz as well the young people fully engaged with creative practices within the context of international contemporary art – something they would not normally come into close contact with. The project week focused on creative interaction between pupils and the the artist’s work. The young producers enjoyed the work process and were proud of the outcome. Achmad, one of the pupils, who in the beginning thought that the projet would be rather boring, in the end had to confess that after having understood “what this all was about” he found it really interesting. And Alina said, beaming with pride, “For me it’s a great honour that our film will be shown at the Hamburger Bahnhof. This is something very special.” Their fellow pupil Hakan rated the skills he acquired: “I found it good to learn about camera angles. Also, that we were allowed to handle the cameras ourselves. We enjoyed real freedom in what we did and decided – which was great!”

At the end of the project week the documentary was shown at the museum to the school’s one hundred 9th grade pupils. In early June 2014 the film was shown in the exhibition’s anteroom – with great success.