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Yehudit Sasportas‘Vortex Of Separation’, 2013

Outset Israel was delighted to support the production of a new video work by Yehudit Sasportas entitled Vortex of Separation, which was part of the exhibiton Seven Winters at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem from May to October 2013.

Beauty and mystery envelop every single part of this complex installation by Yehudit Sasportas, a prominent Israeli artist who lives and works in Berlin and Tel Aviv, and for whom this is the first solo exhibition in an Israeli museum in over a decade. Composed of sculptures, video works, and drawings – some intimate in scale, others covering entire walls – it is structured as a multitrack journey connecting different layers of the artist’s consciousness and affording a glimpse into the deepest recesses of her mind. Viewers are invited to wander among her enigmatic sculptures, such as a piano lying on its side, a tent, and a ‘magnetic table’, moving through forest, moor, and moonlit landscapes imbued with conscious and unconscious, physical and emotional forces.

The exhibition is conceived as one total installation: with large-scale sculptural works, video projections, huge wall drawings, and Yehudit’s recent series of drawings on paper titled Shichecha (Oblivion).

Among the new work there were some carefully selected earlier works – mostly in a small clustered room sealed off by a glass wall – of what appears like a deserted storage or a studio scene by night – a time capsule of sorts, or what Yehudit refers to as the “subconscious of the exhibition”. ??The exhibition culminated in a large video projection revealing the actual space of the exhibition gallery and the works installed in it, and – by using architectural rendering software – transforming the space: opening up, shifting walls floors and ceilings in a self-reflecting act visualizing other possible realities of the exhibition itself, of the gallery space (in the museum, in Jerusalem). Confronting and blurring the actual reality with the hidden, unconscious realities lurking underneath or beyond the threshold of the one seen by the viewer in the physical actual exhibition.

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Curator:  Mira Lapidot, Yulla and Jacques Lipchitz Chief Curator, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Israel