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Yasmeen Godder‘Climax’, 2014

Outset Israel supported the production of the dance piece CLIMAX by Israeli choreographer Yasmeen Godder, which had its world premiere at the exhibition Set in Motion, at the Petach Tikva Museum of Art in 2014.

The show Set in Motion observes the renewed penetration of dance into the museum space today. It focuses on the choreography’s pulse and the stratification of contemporary dance in relation to the museum’s status and role, to alternative venues, and to collaborations with visual artists, which facilitate the establishment of language and thought, and the formulation of a new dance discourse.

In order to shade light on these themes, the unique exhibition is based on two major axes – community and public sphere. The featured works turn a critical gaze at the body’s power and failures,examine dance as a vehicle for constituting and defining a community, analyse the relationship between spectator, movement, and object, and confront the challenge posed by the moving body to the prevalent frames of museum presentation.

The exhibition consists of site specific works created by choreographers working for the first time in a museum space, and works by visual artists for whom dance is a means for personal reflection or communal action.

The dance piece CLIMAX by Israeli choreographer Yasmeen Godder, had its world premiere as part of the exhibition. It was Godder’s first experience with site-specific work intended for a museum space, attempting to define a new structure for the intricate dialogue between viewer-object-body-space-time-movement. The work, three hours in-length, was performed by Godder’s dancers, intermittently, in the museum galleries, throughout the duration of the exhibition. The dance piece came into being alongside and combined with objects from her previous works, and juxtaposed with video pieces by several other artists.

Dancers: Dalia Chaimsky, Shuli Enosh, Dor Frank, Yuli Kovbasnian, Uri Shafir, Edu Turull-Montells, Ofir Yudilevitch

Curators: Drorit Gur Arie and Avi Feldman