Outset Professionals

Julian Opie, Wayne McGregor‘Infra’, 2008

Julian Opie draws the contemporary world, constructing his refined, concise visual language, through which images of people, figures and landscapes are conjured. He distils his images from the wide but everyday world we encounter, rendering them in his universally recognisable style. Opie’s portraits explore the tension between general and specific reality, transforming individual subjects into universal signs, interrogating the genre of portraiture itself. 

Opie’s interest in the human figure and portraiture has been further extended into moving animations using LCD and LED. The animated figures walk, smile or dance with the fluidity of movement of real humans. Julian Opie has recently collaborated with Wayne McGregor on the ‘Deloitte Ignite Festival’ at the Royal Opera House.

He has also provided the designs for ‘Infra’, McGregor’s latest work for the Royal Ballet.