Outset Professionals

Gabriel Dunne, Vishal K Dar‘Naag’, 2012

Vishal K. Dar and Gabriel Dunne collaborate to create, Naag. Dar’s work displays an artful approach to the use of material and technology. In a playful manner, Dar succeeds in transcending traditional definitions and limits of art, design and architecture. Gabriel Dunne uses technology in his process to remove separation between creative mediums. The result is a continuous exploration of sensory patterns, structures and living systems in the universe.

β€œIt is as if mysterious forces coursing through the mohalla have spontaneously combusted and ignited to produce a marvellous emanation of the cosmic in our midst. Who knows what corners of the universe inform this luminous entity in the middle of Mehrauli, the watering hole for generations of horse-riding world conquerors, what hidden histories of the people are recounted in its mysterious ebbs and flows?

“A wish-fulfilling tree, sometimes studded with jewels, sometimes revealing the silken textures of a beautiful woman’s thigh? Light makes the remembered disappear and in its glow we glimpse perhaps the finest movements of our desires hidden deep within ourselves, the sticky flows of habitual but subtle lust by which we attach ourselves to reality in order to feel organically alive. In this dream-light that can only be the beginning of consciousness as electricity, we find ourselves merging with the thing, the patterns of art effortlessly morphing into those of the mind.” Naag

Outset India and the India Art Fair 2012 supported a site-specific video projection installation by Vishal K Dar and Gabriel Dunne at The Toilet, Mehrauli followed by dinner at Mehrauli, the beautiful abode of poet laureate, Momin Latif. An exclusive dinner for 45 people hosted by Feroze Gujral, Director of Outset India and Amin Jaffer, International Head of the Asian Art at Christies for an exclusive set of international collectors and Indian art enthusiasts.