Vishal K Dar‘Praja-Pati’, 2013

A massive 10 acre pit in Gurgaon which is to be the future ‘DLF Mall of India Gurgaon’ has been transformed into a transient art project entitled, Praja-Pati, using a revolving searchlight.

Reminiscent of a panopticon, the search light scans every edge of the pit’s rough edges bouncing off a focal point every 18 seconds.

The focal point itself, is actually a large retaining wall made of white sandbags, and is belittled by the eerie expanse of the large hole in the earth. Yet the wall draws you in, with its white color, steps on the front elevation (made as a part and process of the wall), and large white dolls placed at different levels on the steps; not to be summited by those faint of heart.