Vincent Tavenne‘INNER SP CE’, 2020

Vincent Tavenne’s exhibition was scheduled to open on March 27th. Global events made this impossible. After two months of lockdown Radio Athènes opens again with a solo exhibition of  a French artist who lives in Berlin. Organized by his former art dealer and friend Giti Nourbakhsch currently living in Athens, the exhibition is an elegy to inner spaces, magical objects inspired by the natural world, alternative ways of approaching sculpture and dwellings.

The titles he selects for grouping his work— “Univers”, “Stratosphère”, “Ether”, “Beginning”, “Black Hole”— suggest a reflection on the origin and development of the cosmos. As he notes: “My interest in the cosmos, the universe and so on, gives me the pleasant feeling of just being a tiny crumb of a bigger picture. That’s nice. All is changing, unstable at all times.”

To read a conversation between Vincent Tavenne, Giti Nourbakhsch, Konstantinos Papageorgiou and Helena Papadopoulos originally posted on March 9th, please visit

No opening event.

Exhibition open: Saturday 23th & Sunday 24th, 12—6 pm

Exhibition duration: May 23—June 20, 2020

For the rest of May, Radio Athènes will be open during regular hours: Wednesday 4—8 pm and Saturday 12—4 pm. In June will be open by appointment only.

Please note only two people can enter the space at a time.