Israel Patrons Circle

‘Video Greenhouse’, 2014

In 2014 Outset Israel supported Fresh Paint, the Israeli art fair, for the fifth consecutive year. The Video Greenhouse, supported by Outset for the first year, hosted screenings of five videos by five artists:

Wonderland, Dina Goldstein
A Boat in a Field in a Space, Dorian Gottlieb
Tiragei, Rakefet Viner Omer
Beyond Pleasure, Vera Korman
The First Born, Ariela Plotkin

Longing, a yearning for something that lies above us, unreachable. An intangible spirit, elusive, suspended. A sense of urgency of an unrealized need, a strong desire to soar beyond the limits of time, to break the borders of space, to overcome the boundaries of body, to set the spirit free. In a complicated world, under challenging circumstances, a sense of longing obtains an honorable role – reinforcing our hopes, empowering our aspirations, establishing our ability to look ahead and strive for a better tomorrow. This longing hovers above each one of the works, exhibited in the framework of the Video Greenhouse at Fresh Paint 7.

Curator: Yael Klein