Israel Patrons Circle

Uri Katzenstein‘Backyard’, 2015

The works of Uri Katzenstein —sculptor, performance artist, musician, builder of musical and sound instruments and film maker— express a metaphorical, imaginary world that echoes danger and menace, whose central axis is the human body and hybrid-looking objects.

The exhibition focuses on sculpture, video art, robots and films in an atmosphere that links states of matter with various ways of functioning that deal with temporal disruptions and shifts between past and future.His works contain humour and touching, strikingly beautiful scenes, while combining the worlds of fantasy, technology, contemporary aesthetics and social critique, and undermining basic assumptions concerning our modes of functioning and ways of understanding the world that surrounds us.

Uri Katzenstein (b. in Tel Aviv, 1951) studied in the United States, where he became active as an artist in San Francisco and New York. In 1985 he returned to Israel, and has since been working in Tel Aviv and teaching at the University of Haifa.

Outset Israel supported Katzenstein’s new work Wedding Band (5 sound machines).

Curator: Varda Steinlauf