Outset Professionals

Mark Wallinger, Mark-Anthony Turnage, The Open Ended Group, Wayne McGregor‘Undance / Twice Through The Heart’, 2011

In December 2011 Outset supported the production of Undance, a collaboration between internationally acclaimed composer Mark-Anthony Turnage, Olivier Award-winning choreographer Wayne McGregor and Turner Prize-winning visual artist Mark Wallinger.

The two part evening, with an orchestra conducted by Tim Murray, featured a new staging of Turnage’s emotional chamber opera Twice Through the Heart, written for mezzo-soptrano and 16 instrumentalists.  Wayne McGregor directed Sarah Conolly in the role of a woman who is jailed for killing her husband, with design by digital art-collective The Open Ended Group.

The second part of the evening featured a new choreographic work performed by the dancers of Wayne McGregor | Random Dance with a stage set designed by Mark Wallinger. A true collaboration, Turnage’s new score for the piece has been inspired by a text written by Wallinger, which was in turn inspired by American sculptor Richard Serra’s ‘Compilation of Verbs’ and the work of photographer Eadweard J. Muybridge.

Supported in collaboration with Northern Trust.