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Tsibi Geva‘Paintings, 2011-2013’, 2013

On the occasion of Tsibi Geva’s first solo show in the United States, Outset Israel was delighted to support the catalogue for Paintings 2011–2013 at The American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Centre in Washington, D.C..

Tsibi Geva, who has dedicated much of his career depicting the keffiyeh—an Arab head-covering which has been a symbol of the Palestinian struggle against the occupation in Israel. As a shroud, the onlooker of Geva’s painting can experience the point of view of those behind the veil. It conceals identity while representing a barrier. Through his abstract, complex paintings, he illustrates the darkness, resistance, and personal struggle of Palestinians since the Intifada, or Palestinian uprising, while providing a modern twist. Geva also expresses the feeling of isolation through his depiction of birds that characterize the inner turmoil, anxiety and despair felt among Palestinians.

Tsibi Geva was born in Kibbutz Ein Shemer on 1951, and currently lives and works in Tel Aviv. Since 1979 he has had numerous one-person shows in various institutions, among them The Israel Museum, Jerusalem; the Tel Aviv Museum of Art; Haifa Museum of Art, Herzliya Museum of Art, The Kibbutz Art Gallery, Tel Aviv; July M. Gallery, Tel Aviv; the ICA, Boston; Annina Nosei Gallery, New York; Ambrosino Gallery, Miami, Florida; Espacio Aglutinador, Havana, Cuba; Contemporary Art Gallery, Berlin, and Ermanno Tedeschi Gallery, Turin, Italy.

The exhibition was curated by Barry Schwabsky and supported by Schir, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel | Israel National Lottery Council for the Arts.