Estonia Patrons Circle

Timo Toots‘Memopol-3’, 2019

Outset Estonia supports the production of Memopol-3, an installation that maps the visitor’s information field. Timo Toots’ installation is built on the technology of today and gathers data from the visitor’s passports or ID-cards and smartphones. These relationships, daily behaviours, important life events and photographic memories are viewed from the perspective of a big brother, thus reminding of an Orwellian dystopia. The result is a 10-minute-long animated graph of the visitor’s life that will be presented to the viewer privately in a separate room. 

Memopol-3 aims to turn attention to the surveillance society – to the constant flow of information that is hidden from our view and, at the same time, is constantly being monitored, processed, stored, transferred, sold and bought. No one has complete control, or an overview, of the data our daily lives are creating. Toots’ installation offers a total surveillance experience by monitoring the viewers presence and digital devices. The result, in the form of the animated video, is a reflection of the viewer that combines past and future, physical and immaterial. 

Timo Toots (b. 1982) is an Estonian new media artist living and working in South Estonia, where he runs a residency and a studio space called Maajaam. His artistic research focuses on the relationship between humans and technology, addressing the question of privacy in a surveillance society. He has a background in computer science and photography, however, technology in general has become the subject of his works and a tool used in them. His main interest lies in the exposure of the virtual layers of our daily lives in a meaningful, expressive and effective way. 

Memopol-3 is on view at ISEA2019 International Symposium on Electronic Art from June 22nd to 28th, 2019, in Gwangju, South-Korea.