‘How we behave’, 2016

State of Concept presents the group exhibition Through the Fog: Descripting the Present curated by Nick Aikens. The exhibition works by six artists spanning video, photography and installation, many of them produced specifically for the exhibition or shown in Athens for the first time.

Across different countries and contexts an opaque, uncertain fog hangs over us. The effect of a foreboding mix of crisis and transition, this fog is increasingly hard to navigate, punctured as it is by various forms of state, economic and political violence. Within this haze, how can we visualize and articulate our own subject positions, modes of being and political agency in the world? What might it induce to describe and re-scribe the present? And what can artistic thinking; its processes and aesthetic strategies bring to this field of inquiry? ‘Through the fog: Descripting the present’ is an exhibition in essayistic form. A dialogue across contexts, temporalities and methodologies, it attempts to reflect on how we understand, speak to and move through an unfolding present.

How we behave is part of the exhibition Through The Fog: Descripting The Present is framed by and inevitably responds to a sense of  crisis and political malaise. The positions presented seem to suggest, however, that to emerge from this ‘fog’ political subjectivity must be understood as emergent, in flux and critically self-aware. As such the exhibition aims to draw attention to the fluid, porous relationship between processes of subjectivization and political agency.

Artists: Chrysanthi Koumianaki, Christian Nyampeta, Eftihis Patsourakis, Didem Peku?n, Vangelis Vlahos, Grant Watson.