theVOV is the product of art-science collective Visualogical’s vision to bring the human experience into the digital realm, and Outset UK’s ambition to create a sustainable cultural sector through everyday micro-philanthropy.

Founded on an urgency to support the arts at a critical time, theVOV is a new virtual ecosystem presenting monumental exhibitions for you to enjoy live and on demand. For the first time, museums and galleries are joining forces on one centralised platform, demonstrating unprecedented solidarity and showing a united front to generate funds for the creative sector, whilst making culture more accessible than ever.

theVOV will launch this Spring with 15 of the UK’s leading arts organisations, each reviving historic exhibitions from their archive. It is the first social exhibition experience of its kind, sparking conversation and promoting meaningful connection during times of distance. Visitors can explore behind-the-scenes content and enjoy a programme of unique events to experience the arts like never before, even if venues are closed.

To learn more, visit theVOV