Theo Prodromidis‘Towards The Production Of Dialogues On The Market Of Bronze And Other Precious Materials’, 2013

In autumn 2013 Outset Greece supported the video installation Towards the production of Dialogues On The Market Of Bronze and Other Precious Materials by the Greek artist and filmmaker Theo Prodromidis at the 4th Athens Biennale AGORA.

For this project Theo Prodromidis references The Messingkauf Dialogues, one of Berthold Brecht’s theoretical discussions on theatre, a lively debate between five characters about the place of art in society. Brecht’s dialogues are separated in four nights, a nodal element that reflects on Theo Prodromidis’ work. Relocating the image of a scrap metal dealer, who only sees the value of brass in a musical instrument, the artist transplants Brecht’s five-sided conversation into a four-screen video installation.

Theo Prodromidis was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1979 and lives and works in Athens. His work will be on view at the former Athens Stock Exchange building until 1st December 2013.