Israel Patrons Circle

Hinda Weiss‘The Young Artist Award 2015’, 2015

Outset Contemporary Art Fund Israel and the Tel Aviv Arts Council have partnered together to create the Young Artist Award, furthering their organisational missions to strengthen and celebrate the creative culture of Israel. Each year, the organisations will jointly support, highlight, and honour a young Israel-based artist who was not born in Israel – exploring the role of various cultures and perspectives in creating an authentic Israeli creative voice. 

Specifically, the award’s grant will be used by the honouree to create a new gallery show of original works at a non-profit artistic institution. The Young Artist Award includes a 10,000 NIS grant towards original work showing in a public non-profit, local and international PR and marketing assistance, as well as exposure in the young international arts community in Israel.  

The second award recipient is Hinda Weiss. Outset and the Tel Aviv Arts Council supported her new video work Postcard from Tel Aviv at the group show NON FINITO at Artport, Tel Aviv.

Postcard from Tel Aviv, 2015, is a video of a utopian hybrid image of Tel Aviv and Jaffa. Inspired by postcards of the German Kaiser, William II’s visit to Palestine in late 19th century, it combines iconic locations, creating a place that is stuck between the mundane experience and an ideal fantasy; an existence that ignores the silent ghosts that it holds within. 

HINDA WEISS (b. 1980, Cleveland) lives and works in Tel Aviv. Weiss graduated with honors from the Midrasha School of Art (2006). Her photographs and videos have been widely exhibited in Israel and abroad and she has received numerous awards and prizes, including the Rabinovitz Art Foundation grant (2009), the Young Artist Award from the Israeli Ministry of Culture (2010) and the Artport Residency scholarship (2014–15).