Joseph Stokes, Nikos Mantzios‘The snake that bites its tale’, 2019

In the exhibition The snake that bites its tale at Snehta Residency, artists Nikos Mantzios and Joseph Stokes examine thoroughly the historical and mythological potential of body mutation.

The title stems from a common morphological element evident in the works of both artists: the organic twisted forms in their works form closed shapes which have the tendency to come back within their own entity. This tendency also reflects the thematic references of the works to ancient mythological forms and archetypal symbols. (sphinx, snake).

The works of Mantzios and Stokes represent clusters which consist of fragmentary body connections and visual anagrams. By defining a fetishistic relationship through such connections, the human body’s representation – wherever it may be – is depicted in a state of erotic ecstasy. Yet it remains incomplete and distorted, as captured continuously in a phase of ceasing its transformation and becoming united with something monstrous or animal-like.

A further trigger regarding the works is the titles themselves; they seem to support the fiction by inserting within the works both a psychological space and a mood of questioning regarding the origin and choice of the symbols within. With the support of Outset Greece.

OPENING | 3 May, 20.00 – 23.00

DURATION | 3-18 May 

OPENING HOURS | Wed-Fri 16.00-20.00 | Sat – Sun 12.00-18.00