Nick Aikens‘THE PLACE IS HERE: The Work of Black Artists in 1980s Britain’, 2018–2019

Outset supported the publication The Place Is Here: The Work of Black Artists in 1980s Britain, continuing the legacy of the international exhibition The Place is Here (2016-17)

Edited by Nick Aikens and Elizabeth Robles, the book reflects and expands upon the exhibition series The Place Is Here, which traced the urgent and wide-ranging conversations taking place between black artists, writers and thinkers in Britain during the 1980s. The exhibitions brought together over 100 works by 25 artists and collectives, spanning painting, sculpture, installation, photography, video and expanded archival displays, examining this critical decade for British culture, and  was shown at Van Abbemuseum (2016); Nottingham Contemporary; the South London Gallery; and Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art (all 2017).

Richly illustrated, the publication includes larger thematic essays, close readings of works and a series of panel discussions, bringing together key scholarly, critical and artistic voices from the 1980s and today. The publication includes thematic essays, close readings of works, and a series of panel discussions bringing together key scholarly, critical, and artistic voices foundational to art in Britain in the 1980s. 


Nick Aikens


Outset UK


2018, 2019