Outset Professionals

‘The Outset Residency Studio’, 2014

In 2014 Outset initiated a capital campaign to support the refurbishing of Gasworks’ gallery and studios. In the next 10 years the Outset Residency Studio will host 40 emerging non-UK based artists for the period of 3 months as part of Gasworks’ International Residency Programme.

The programme was established in 1994 to supports the development of emerging non-UK based artists by offering them 3 month residencies in London. The artists have the opportunity to research and make new work inspired by the artistic community both within Gasworks and in London. Residencies are non-prescriptive and process-based, allowing visiting artists to develop projects in response to their new environment, or to conduct research benefiting from London’s resources. Gasworks’ residency programme is extremely competitive and is often seen as a career-changing opportunity for emerging artists. To date Gasworks has worked with over two-hundred artists from 70 countries worldwide.

The Outset Residency Studio will be open to the public four times a year as part of Gasworks’ Residencies Open Studio Weekends.

Established in 1994, Gasworks is a contemporary art organisation based in South London, housing eleven artists’ studios and offering a programme of exhibitions and events, artists’ residencies, international fellowships and educational projects. Four of the studios are reserved for Gasworks’ International Residency Programme.

Gasworks’ exhibition space accommodates four main projects a year, as well as a series of small-scale events. The programme includes solo and thematic exhibitions, screenings, workshops and seminars. Gasworks focuses on visual arts practice in its broadest sense, including design, documentary filmmaking and media art, amongst other areas of activity. These are all linked by a commitment to constantly reassess the position of artists within their wider cultural, social and political frameworks. The residencies and exhibitions programmes regularly cooperate, often to facilitate research and production for international artists invited to develop a project for the exhibitions and events programme.