Corporate Partners and Foundations

The Outset/GAC TenTen Acquisitions Fund

Outset Contemporary Art Fund continues an innovative philanthropic collaboration with the Government Art Collection (GAC) through the Outset/GAC TenTen Acquisitions Fund. The fund runs in tandem with the Robson Orr TenTen Award, a ten-year initiative produced by Outset and the GAC and sponsored by leading philanthropists, and Outset Patrons, Sybil Robson Orr and Matthew Orr. The Commission invites one artist each year to create a unique, limited edition print that will be displayed in government buildings around the world as part of the GAC. Through Outset, 11 editions of the print are further made available to the public to purchase each year, with 100% of the proceeds being made available as a new acquisitions budget for the Government Art Collection. This enables enable the GAC to continue acquiring new works, with an emphasis on supporting under-represented and emerging artists for the collection, two thirds of which is on display around the world in over 370 buildings, receiving thousands of visitors every year. The collection spans historic, modern, and contemporary art with a strong British connection. This sponsorship, by Sybil Robson Orr and Matthew Orr in collaboration with Outset is the first in the history of the GAC. 

The fund has so far acquired the following works:


  • Jesse Darling, ‘Equestrian statue’, (2015), purchased from the artist via Arcadia Missa.
  • Louise Giovanelli, ‘Ambia I‘, (2018), purchased from the artist via Division of Labour.
  • Martine Poppe, ‘Good Morning‘, (2019), purchased from ArtEco/Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery.


  • Tania Kovats, ‘WELL‘, (2019), purchased from the artist via Design Exhibition Scotland.
  • Ciara Phillips, ‘Advice Giver‘, (2012), purchased from Glasgow Women’s Library.
  • Corin Sworn, ‘Arms!‘, (2012), purchased from Glasgow Women’s Library.
  • Lucy Skaer, ‘Cheiron in Type‘, (2012), purchased from Glasgow Women’s Library.
  • Ashley Cook, ‘We Want‘, (2012), purchased from Glasgow Women’s Library.


  • Charmaine Watkiss, ‘The Passengers‘, (2020), purchased from the artist via Tiwani Contemporary.

The Government Art Collection

The Government Art Collection (GAC), established in 1898, is a national collection of historic, modern and contemporary British art that is displayed in government buildings in the UK and around the world. These locations include 10 & 11 Downing Street, government departments and residences and offices of British Ambassadors, High Commissioners and Consulates-General across 155 capital cities worldwide. The Collection, seen by thousands of visitors annually, promotes British art and contributes to cultural diplomacy. We work to widen engagement with audiences beyond government through partnerships and participation in local, national and international events.