Marina Velisioti, Kostis Velonis, Leonidas Gianakopoulos,
Rania Bellou, Pavlos Tsakonas, Marco Raparelli

“That is why every Perfect Traveler always creates the country where he travels” Nikos Kazantzakis- Travels in China and Japan

“The Manual of the Perfect Traveler” is a group show that explores the concept of travel. Building on Kazantzakis’s phrase “That is why every Perfect Traveler always creates the country where he travels”, six artists illustrate their journey.

A journey of imagination, of self-awareness, or even a real journey. What comes to our mind when we think of a journey? Is it a getaway, a way out, or a need for knowledge and adventure? In any realization, a journey is an exercise-path leading to inner exploration and development.

An unknown or familiar destination, even a trip of imagination, becomes a means that pushes us out of our comfort zone and changes our perspective through the making of our “own country”. Through their personal narrative, the artists of the exhibition create a unique manual of the Perfect Traveler, for all those who love to travel and dream. Curated by: Maria Dialektaki. With the kind support of Outset Greece.

26 September, 20.00-23.00


26 September – 5 October

Every day 18.00-21.00
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