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Beatrice Gibson, Jamie Crewe‘The KW Production Series’, 2018

The KW Production Series is a new annual commissioning project, produced with co-funding from Outset Germany and the Julia Stoschek Collection, which will work with two international artists per year, supporting them to each produce an ambitious new moving image work. KW will inaugurate the series with the artists Jamie Crewe and Beatrice Gibson. 

Jamie Crewe: “Pastoral Drama, 2018“

This work comprises two parallel videos that use allegory and animation to think about “progress,” exploring the evolution of mythic narratives, interpersonal change, and collective political time. With references to both the ancient Greek legend of Eurydice and Agostino Agazzari’s 15th century opera Eumelio, Crewe’s moving image production will be made daily over the course of the coming year, and will be interrupted by footage of friends’ reflections, conversations, and commentary. 

Beatrice Gibson: “I Hope I’m Loud When I’m Dead, 2018“

Exploring ideas around gender, poetry, and disobedience, Beatrice Gibson’s new film is a collaboration with two of US-America’s most significant living poets — CA Conrad and Eileen Myles — and draws inspiration from the work of a third – the US-American novelist Gertrude Stein and her unrealized script Film: “Deux Soeurs qui sont pas Soeurs“ (1929). Exploring poetry as a means to reckon with the present, Gibson uses Stein’s script as a talismanic guide through a contemporary moment of social and political unrest.