Education Circle

Teen Talks at The Photographers' Gallery, 2014–2016

The Photographers’ Gallery Teen Tours education programme began in 2005 at the time of Magnum Photographer Lise Sarfati’s exhibition and has been supported by Outset Family since 2014.

Teen Tours is a programme of exhibition tours led by young speakers (aged 14-19) who respond to the gallery’s exhibitions. The main aim of the programme is to both offer audiences new perspectives on the exhibitions, based on young people’s experiences and ideas, whilst at the same time giving young people an opportunity to develop their critical thinking and public speaking skills in relation to photography exhibitions. The Photographers’ Gallery staff work hard to involve young people whose voice may be marginalised due to social, economic or educational disadvantage.

Each young person is invited to visit and research, develop and deliver a twenty-minute public talk on an exhibition. Each speaker receives one-to-one mentoring sessions that help them to form, and have confidence in, their own ideas about the exhibition, receive feedback and further suggestions and practice their talk. She/he is also offered various types of support including opportunities to attend private views; meet the exhibiting artist/photographer (when possible); attend talks or events related to the exhibition; and meet and discuss the exhibition with a Gallery curator.

Each Teen Talk is delivered to a public audience on a Saturday afternoon and is advertised through the Gallery’s brochure, website, e-newsletter and social media platforms. The tour is free for the public to attend and the speaker receives a fee for their talk as well as a complimentary, one-year Membership at The Photographers’ Gallery.

The Photographers’ Gallery was established in London in 1971 as the first independent gallery in the world dedicated to the medium of photography. It remains committed to stimulating public understanding and deeper engagement with photography and its value to society.

As the UK’s leading centre for the presentation and exploration of photography in all its forms, it welcomes more than 300,000 visitors from around the world each year and reach a further 1.2 million through our online platforms.


It was a great way to meet interesting people and learn about an exhibition in depth, it’s something I wouldn’t otherwise have had the opportunity to do. I really respect that there is a small payment for taking part in the scheme. I would have taken part regardless, but really appreciate that they give you some payment (quite unusual in a lot of today’s schemes). I enjoyed coming back again and again, meeting different people involved in the exhibition and learning about the gallery. I found the guidance really useful and exciting; it helped me feel more confident about speaking in public.

Tamsin Paternoster, Participant, Outset Teen Tours