TechNotech | 2nd Primary school of Tavros, 2019

TechNotech is an educational program designed especially for the pupils of the 2nd Primary School of Tavros in collaboration with artists, musicians, performers and architects as part of an outreach program in Tavros neighborhood, Athens.

Starting from the widely accepted premise that more and more young children have access to ‘smart’ technologies and applications, often with unedited information and leading to a lack of direct contact with materials, textures and the cognitive process of combining thinking with their minds and bodies; the program started looking into alternative educational methods, where artistic tools and technologies could come together so that creativity could be accessed through both analogue, digital and traditional methodologies.

The school children taking part in the program will have access to a wide range of knowledge systems, technologies, and disciplines so that through these they can come closer to the world of visual culture. They will come into direct contact with a wide range of materials, be introduced to contemporary practices in the arts and experimental technologies, discovering a whole new world of visual and sonic cultures.

In collaboration with:

Daphne Arnellou, Athens Superscript (Natalia Bazaiou, Tina Vardalachou), Maro Michalakakos, Viviana Miliaresi, Michalis Moschoutis, Anna Pangalou, Vasilis Tzavaras, Erato Tzavara, Eirini Vianelli

For more information about the educational program here