Netherlands Patron Circle

Tabita Rezaire‘Orbit Diapason’, 2021

Outset Netherlands supported the production of the new immersive video installation Orbit Diapason by Tabita Rezaire. Orbit Diapason is Tabita’s hopeful, playful and eclectic answer to the apocalyptic doomsday scenarios which form our daily encouraging reality. From the South African stone circles to the Zimbabwe ruins, NASA’s search for alien life and bee dancing: Orbit Diapason is Tabita’s contemplation on humanity’s desire to reach beyond the earth. The work resonates strongly with the Afrofuturism movement, while simultaneously it amplifies Tabita’s powerful and distinctive voice. 

Tabita Rezaire (1989, Paris) is a French new media artist, intersectional preacher, health practitioner, tech-politics researcher, and Kemetic/Kundalini Yoga teacher with Guyanese and Danish roots. Tabita creates video installations and performances where she connects her artistic practice in a critical and playful way with spirituality, other worldviews, and healing methods.

The installation is part of a new program for which emerging curator Laurie Cluitmans invites contemporary artists to develop extraordinary work in response to the current exhibition in Centraal Museum. Simultaneously IMPAKT – Centre for Media Culture in Utrecht hosts Tabita’s first solo exhibition in the Netherlands. 

Outset’s support enabled what is already proven to be an important institutional step in the career of the young artist.