Florian Slotawa‘Stuttgart Sichten’, 2018

Outset Germany_Switzerland supported Deichtorhallen Hamburg’s exhibition Stuttgart Sichten (26 October 2018 – 20 January 2019) by artist Florian Slotawa.

The Deichtorhallen Hamburg, still a relatively young exhibition venue but with many years of experience presenting a wide variety of private and public collections in major exhibitions, and the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, with its 175-year tradition of collecting, have found a provocative response with the exhibition Stuttgart Sichten: a sculptural total work of art, an overarching presentation with sculptures as artistic material by the artist FLORIAN SLOTAWA, which can also offer an overview of the development of sculpture across various periods.

Underlying the exhibition project “Stuttgart Sichten” (Viewing Stuttgart) are the highly topical questions of how museums deal with their collections today, how they can innovatively present them, and how to successfully balance traditional methods of art education with contemporary formats of presenting art to spark curiosity. The artist was given the opportunity to select works from the sculpture collection of the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart and to present them in a new light across 3,000 square meters of exhibition space at the Deichtorhallen from 26 October 2018 to 20 January 2019.

The artist also donated one of his works to Outset, which will be donated to a public institution.

Florian Slotawa is a German conceptual artist and sculptor. He was born 1972 in Rosenheim. He studied in Munich and Hamburg and now lives and works in Berlin.

Florian Slotawa’s works are an extension of his interest in the fluid boundaries between everyday and art objects, between things that belong in private and public spaces. Slotawa works primarily in assemblage, sculpture, and installation, using items from his home or commonly found goods from hardware and furniture stores. He has installed the contents of his own home in a gallery, misassembled Ikea furniture into monumental sculpture, and constructed unlikely combinations of objects. He is known for his orderly sensibility, revealed in geometric compositions and repetitive sequencing. In the late 1990s, he made his best-known series of photographs; titled “Besitzarbeiten” and “Hotelarbeiten”, they presented neatly organized inventories of his own home and of hotel rooms, respectively, that were disassembled and returned following the project’s completion.

These are hugely important works, given the pressure regional museums are under right now, it is imperative that we do all we can to help them continue investing in building up the national collections.

Steve McQueen, Artist & Director