Capital Production Circle

Charles Sandison‘Stations’, 2014

In 2014 Outset Greece supported Stations, a collaboration between choreographer Marianna Kavallieratos, composer Dom Bouffard and visual artist Charles Sandison. In Stations the human body serves as a moving canvas in an endless journey of rhythms, light and timbres. The performance commenced as a stage workshop at the Watermill Center for Arts and Humanities (New York) in the summer of 2013, where it was presented as a work in progess on 10 August 2013. Stations was presented at the Athens Festival in June 2014.

In the performance, artist Charles Sandison uses the performer as moving projection screen in space. A single person moves on and on in a seemingly perpetual journey of rhythms, lights and sound colours, passing through it and continuing its endless voyage. Dance, sound and visual art are forming a compact and dynamic force; the outcome is not just a collaboration but a discussion between the artistic trio.