St. Moritz Benefit Auction

We are thrilled to announce the Outset Germany_Switzerland Benefit Auction: Club Dracula, St. Moritz, 23 January 2020 under the patronage of Rolf Sachs.

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Outset is a unique organization, which enables artists to fulfill their visions, which allows many works, installations or performances to be literally born, which might otherwise never have come to exist. Hence Outset is clearly enriching our cultural world! Outset is distinct with their discreet, professional, engaging approach, to an otherwise often overhyped world. My encounter with Bettina Böhm was pure joy and one could immediately feel the soul, passion and dedication she brings to Outset Germany_Switzerland. It s a great joy to welcome Outset to the spirited vaults of the Dracula Club!

Rolf Sachs, Artist