Emilia Bouriti‘Space Time Energy’, 2015

Eleusina, a place characterised by prominent ancient history marks at the same time the country’s industrial evolution since the turn of the 20th century.

Outset Greece supports the work Eleusis | Space Time Energy by artist Emilia Bouriti, which explores the relationship between the human body and the industrial landscape of Eleusina. The body is placed as a vibrating field in the industrial areas, such as Titan Cement Company S.A Eleusina Plant, Old Quarries, Old Shipyard, Hellenic Petroleum S.A. – Elefsina industrial installations – former Petrola.

As a measurement, the human body uses its own memory and experience to register the architecture, its dynamism and the history of the industrial area. The body moves through the sites creating a new environment where man meets the industrial space, coexists with it and recreates a new field of reality.  This site-specific artwork uses body movement, performance, installation, moving image and photography as means of expression.