Outset Professionals

Shezad Dawood‘Piercing Brightness’, 2012

In the spring of 2012 Outset Associates supported the first major solo exhibition of British artist Shezad Dawood. Incorporating film, painting and light sculpture, Dawood’s practice creates discursive networks across parallel time frames, locations and communities. His works often include restaged and reimagined moments appropriated from multiple cultures and histories.

Referencing his frequent use of, and meditations on, light, time and montage (both as a cinematic and a painterly device) the exhibition at Modern Art Oxford featured Dawood’s most recent film and installation work, including New Dream Machine Project (2011), and Trailer (2011). With this exhibition, Dawood calls into question our attempts to reconcile the passing of time and the creation of identity in our own lives.

Often acting as research tools and storyboards for his film works, as well as a parallel investigation into form, context and meaning, a selection of the artist’s textile-based paintings and neon sculpture was also presented.

Commissioned by: In Certain Places in association with Modern Art Oxford

Donated to: Los Angeles County Museum of Art