Ilan Manouach‘Shapereader Tangible Natives’, 2020

Tangible Natives is an experiment on how the resources of a tactile system of communication can contribute to a non-hegemonic system of musical notation, for people with and without visual disabilities. During the three days of the workshop Ilan Manouach and Maria Arnal will question the normativity of conventional notation tools, discuss the de-emphasizing of vision in regards to “reading” music and explore the manifold ways sound can be translated and stimulated by touch. Their goal: reflect the diversity of community’s expression through a collectively composed music score using the resources of the Shapereader language. Initially designed for users with visual impairment, Shapereader is a speculative, trans-disciplinary project that promotes an embodied, non-retinal, narrative experience. It is built on an expanding repertoire of free floating tactile ideograms (tactigrams) intended to provide haptic equivalents for all the semantic features, the conceptual functions and textual attributes of a tactile text. It was invented in 2015 with an ongoing outreach plan for raising awareness for a diversified audience, that has been unfolding in a variety of formats, contexts and collaborations.

LOCATION: Kunstencentrum Vooruit WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST 2020 Exercises in Accessibility

Tangible Natives (Workshop / Performance)

DATES: March 5-7th, 2020, Saturday 7th, 14h30-19h30 Mokabon

Registration required