Le FilOutset Residency at Baker Street, 2017

Le Fil is a British-Chinese multimedia artist, singer and performer who fuses together dark pop music, provocative performance art, music video and striking sculptures focused on gender and identity politics. He is currently in this studio developing his new show based on songs from his new music release Nightlife – an exploration into relationships, sexuality and objectification.

The name Le Fil is an abbreviated version of the artists’ birth name Philip – whilst playfully referring to his androgyny through the French masculine appropriation of the term ‘the girl’ (‘la fille’).  Translated in French, Le Fil means ‘the thread’ which the artist has taken to symbolize a ‘continuing thread’ that weaves together his diverse range of genres and disciplines.

“I want to break down existing boundaries and discover new ways of seeing and thinking about our body, its gender and the culture it belongs to – where we all can be sculptors who shape a better future”

In this Outset studio residency, you can watch Le Fil work through the giant windows of the part-studio, part-exhibition space as he blurs the lines between public performance and private process.  Using this concept of revealing the hidden to underpin the work, he has created an evolving installation of drawings with explorations of the sculptural body through collage, monoprint and conversation.  The revealing artworks feature naked male figures, cheeky voyeurism and a central window installation that combine public faces with private silhouettes as it re-imagines the secret lives of the window’s passerby’s.  With these studies, Le Fil examines how we shape our private selves for public consumption.