Dora Economou‘REPRESENTATION’, 2019

“It’s the time of year the Municipality trim the tops of the city trees and collect the branches in neat bundles on the sidewalks. These bundles make me think of a scene from Around the World in 80 Days when Passepartout jumps into the fire and rescues the Indian Princess whom they are about to burn alive together with her diseased husband. I must admit I’ve never read any of Vern’s books (I believe it’s one of these things you either do in good time or you don’t). But I’m familiar with the stories through animated and feature films. However, the other day I downloaded a pdf of the book and leafed through it. I found a lot of interesting references that somehow connect to my recent visits to the V&A, the Louvre, the British Museum, etc. (and great titles such as the title of chapter 14: In Which Phileas Fogg Descends the Whole Length of the Beautiful Valley of the Ganges Without Ever Thinking of Seeing It). The Greek word “pussi” refers to an accumulation of dry pine needles. The word has a second meaning: thick fog, I’m familiar with it because of the popular album based on Nikos Kavvadias’s poems”. -Dora Economou, March 2019 A spatial work.

Representing something. Its form is drawn from the physical world. Something direct is put in place in order for the indirect to emerge. A rendition, an abduction, a transfiguration? Cracking sounds, also. Radio Athènes is pleased to announce its first collaboration with Athens based artist Dora Economou. With the support of Outset Greece.


Radio Athènes