Outset is incredibly proud and excited to support the realisation of RADIUS – a new center for contemporary art and ecology in the city of Delft, The Netherlands.

Arriving at a crucial moment in time, RADIUS will be the first Dutch art institution with an ongoing program focussed on climate, nature and ecology. RADIUS is located in the city of Delft and stationed in the pump house and water basin belonging to the Delft water tower, a historical monument and architectural landmark.

RADIUS will house five hundred square meters of subterranean exhibition space dedicated to the intersection of art and science in relation to the shared living environment. In addition to a continuous and accessible exhibition program, RADIUS will offer an educational public program of lectures, performances, screenings, workshops and seminars, for a more specialized audience as well as for primary, secondary and higher education pupils and students.

By stepping in during this early, critical stage, Outset plays an essential role in the development of RADIUS.

RADIUS will open in the beginning of 2022 and is led by curator, writer and current co-director of the Rotterdam institution A Tale of A Tub, Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk. Follow the journey of RADIUS by clicking here.