Israel Patrons Circle

Public Movement‘Exercise In Citizenship’, 2010

Outset Israel supported an ‘action’ by the performance group Public Movement which took place at Tel Aviv University campus over two nights in November 2010, as part of the dance festival International Exposure. Founded in 2006 by Dana Yahalomi and Omer Krieger, Public Movement explores the political and aesthetic possibilities residing in a group of people acting together. The movement studies and creates public choreographies, forms of social order, overt and covert rituals conducted in public spaces. Among their actions: manifestations of presence, fictional acts of hatred, new folk dances, synchronised procedures of movement, spectacles, marches, inventing and re-enacting moments in the life of individuals, communities, social institutions, people, states, and of humanity.

Public Art is a representative group, a selected team of artists, with the prospect of becoming a mass movement. They have previously performed in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Berlin, Bat Yam, Holon, and Acre. Exercise in Citizenship was based on a previous ‘action’ performed in Heidelberg University in Germany and adapted to an academic environment in Israel. It comprised a series of situations and positioning involving the public and conducted at the university’s entrance gates, auditorium, main atrium, lawns and hallways while trying to explore contact, movement and exchange of academic ideas.

The ‘action’ posed questions in regards to academia as a unique human phenomenon and in particular the distinctive physical, mental, behavioural, architectural and political elements of Tel Aviv University campus. The group hopes to re-enact this action in further universities in Israel and beyond.