Outset Germany is proud to support an intense and exciting retrospective of artist Pierre Huyghe at Museum Ludwig, Cologne, by funding his performances. The exhibition is the first major survey of Huyghe’s work to date in Germany, bringing together over 60 works and projects.

Born in Paris in 1962, Pierre Huyghe works with time-based situations and explores the exhibition process from the 90’s and early 2000s. His works take on such diverse forms as living systems, objects, films, photographs, drawings and music.

At Museum Ludwig, Outset supported Huyghe’s performances by funding the acting protagonists in Human (first shown in 2012), Name Announcer (2011), L’Ecrivain public (1995), Falcon Mask from La Toison d’Or (1993), Player (2010) and the Ice Skater in L’Expédition Scintillante, Acte 3 (2002).

The retrospective also features music-related performances like Score of Silence (1997), which congenially transcribes a digital recording of John Cage’s legendary composition ‘4’33’.

Pierre Huyghe’s performance work is almost exclusively dedicated to the short-lived, the transient and the volatile, which perfectly matches the guiding principles of our sponsorship: to support projects which manifest the ephemeral of our world – like for instance Kristina Buch’s The Lover at documenta (13).