Outset Professionals

‘Outset Artist's Flat’, 2010

On the occasion of Outset’s 5th anniversary in March 2007, Outset initiated a capital campaign to support South London Gallery’s expansion programme. As well as contributing towards the campaign Outset engaged many of London’s leading galleries in supporting the institution. The expansion and renovation was completed by London based 6A Architects.?

The Outset Artist’s Flat at South London Gallery in Camberwell welcomed its first resident artist in 2010. In addition, the gallery’s ambitious expansion project included a new street-facing café and three exhibition spaces. The artist’s flat is open to visiting artists invited to participate in SLG’s respected residency programme.

The Outset Artists Flat at South London Gallery is a wonderful example of our vision and endeavours. It demonstrated Outset’s prescient commitment to a gallery with a history of exhibiting artists prior to their soar, whilst offering effectual programming deeply intertwined with the community of Peckham. Employing 6a architects, now a darling of the art world, the development was an elegant solution – both functional and inspirational. We all loved it ourselves! This is supporting new art!

Averill Ogden, Patron