Outset Professionals

Omer Fast‘Satellites’, 2012

Outset Israel supported Omer Fast’s first solo exhibition in Israel, Satellites, featuring three major works: De Grote Boodschap (The Big Message) (2007) presents a story in Flemish in a studio-apartment format reminiscent of TV sitcoms or situational dramas. The story shifts from a dying old woman and her World War II memories to her caregiver, who is also the girlfriend of the old woman’s grandson. ?

Nostalgia (2009) a three-part video installation that challenges the relation of fact and fiction. The three parts include a documentary clip as well as futuristic scenes presented in an old-fashioned retro set-up, a British refugee requesting asylum in Africa through a series of underground tunnels. The documentary material turned science fiction, and the retro-futuristic style of sci-fi, throws us out of balance creating a mechanism of displacement whereby the dramatization of realistic events allows viewers to review their understanding of reality itself.

5000 Feet Is The Best (2011), Fast’s latest film presenting several interloping interviews with an American unmanned drone plane pilot whose face is left blurred. Two storylines are woven into the interviews: one is an interviewee fielding recurring questions from a therapist-journalist and second stories of the pilot and the fictional figure shown as fictional scenes in suburban Midwest USA.

Fast’s works are scattered throughout the museum like satellites, revealing the unique work processes and installation methods that Fast developed while engaging with documentary materials and fictional formats – including interviews and closed-circuit videos, TV shows and feature films, aerial photographs, and the type of impersonal, overview images associated with satellites.