Netherlands Patron Circle

Docking Station, Jordi Ruiz CireraMOBILE STORYTELLING PAVILION , 2019

Outset Netherlands supported the realisation of a mobile and sustainable storytelling pavilion by Docking Station, a photography platform in Amsterdam focused on impactful storytelling.

Docking Station’s mission is to bring high-quality visual stories around contemporary issues to a larger and more diverse audience. Each year they invite eight international photographers to stay with them and make use of their expertise and an extensive network consisting out of photographers, curators, gallery owners, designers and media experts.

The mobile storytelling pavilion serves two purposes alongside the residency: as a temporary home to the photographers they coach and it functions as an exhibition space, meeting space and stage for performances and screenings. The pavilion will be installed at different locations in and around Amsterdam to connect to various institutions and audiences.

The pavilion made its debut at Unseen Amsterdam with a visual story by Spanish photographer Jordi Ruiz Cirera entitled The United Soya Republic.

Docking Station’s mission to push socially engaged visual stories further and at the same time provide acceleration for the photographer’s work is very much in line with the principles Outset holds dear.

The Outset team's acuity, precision and openness of thought facilitates artists, curators and thinkers to pursue and share their vision. It has constituted the 'élan vital’ of Radio Athènes.

Helena Papadopoulos, Founder of Radio Athènes