Alexandros Kaklamanos, Dimitra Kousteridou, Valia Papastamou‘MEDIAN RESIDENCY’, 2020

Snehta announces the inauguration of a novel residency program which will allow three outstanding artists based in Greece to conduct their research and produce a new body of work for the duration of four months within the bounds of the residency structure.

The programme sprang from a natural question of what a residency should focus on when environmental and global changes shift our focal point. The period we just experienced affected every cultural organisation on very fundamental levels, enlightened by the aftermath of the quarantine period which created a hyper focus to both very local and global subjects. 

Snehta responds to this climate by proposing a new subtext for the residency programme that will explore what we felt as a deeper need to – introspect and redefine – departing from a hyper local perspective.

Highlighting artist’s critical orientation as integral parts of our local communities, the programme will challenge the role of local artists within the wider community by differentiating methodologies in their practice and intensifying their research through a number of curated activities; Additionally the programme will force feedback in the form of a number of public talks and educational programmes which are planned for October 2020.

The artists personal attachment to the local community as well as their unique approach to creating stimulating and ambitious installation work were pivotal for this artistic formation. Moreover these artists share a gregarious and open attitude towards their research for the creation of artworks that often use as active agents – participation and the audiences explorative and “peripatetic” drives. That is something the programme will highlight further by coalescing with ongoing partnerships with local organisations and other partners.

The artists will make use of Snehta’s studio space and facilities (wood workshop, etching press, library) at I.Drosopoulou and Kefallinias 39 (Satellite) and will receive focused support from selected members of Snehta’s team and expanded network of collaborators

Further updates will be announced along the duration of the programme in Snehta’s social media and web-page. With the support of Outset Greece.

DURATION: August-December 2020

LOCATION: Snehta, I Drosopoulou 47 Kypseli