Israel Patrons Circle

Maya Dunietz, Nevet Yitzhak‘Loving Art, Making Art’, 2012

Outset Israel supported the urban art project Loving Art, Making Art, one of Tel Aviv’s leading annual public art projects during which hundreds of artists’ studios are open to the public during an event lasting the whole weekend. Each year various projects are curated across the city, responding to the city’s cultural practices.

Within this scheme, Outset Israel supported two projects in Province/Visitors Centre, the main exhibition of the Loving Art, Making Art festival. Province/Visitors Centre dealt with public urbanity, public sphere as a value, a system, a phrase, a common starting point for poets, musicians, activists and artists who exhibited side by side. The exhibition was the result of panels and workshops led by the participants taking place over a period of three months.

Maya Dunietz presented Installation 12 (2012), a sound and video installation. The work explored translated and untranslatable materials and was layered through a 12 amplifiers choir with an original pre-composed soundtrack, live music, video and real time sound processing. A recorded text by various languages that inhabit Tel Aviv public space (Hebrew, Arabic, English, Polish, Russian, Tigrinya, Hausa, German, Amharic and Philipino) were introduced and processed through a special text-grinding-machine built for the installation. The amplifiers, mikes, piano and motion sensors were installed in the space and on each one Dunietz, a talented composer, singer and artist, performed her new piece. This conscious and unexpected sound system was also affected by surrounding and audience.

Nevet Yitzhak showed Mount Hope (2012), a video installation based on archival research on 19thCentury agriculture site in Tel Aviv founded by Missionary Messiah Christians and led by a woman. The story corresponded with various other 19th and early 20th centuries stories of women landowners in old Tel Aviv, including a farm at the site of the exhibition venue itself (also known as the former Tel Aviv zoo).

Curator: Lea Abir