Estonia Patrons Circle

Marianne Jõgi‘Elements of a Metafarm’, 2017

Outset Estonia supported the production of Marianne Jõgi’s land art installation Elements of a Metafarm. The project consist of two different architectural forms, one of which is reachable only by water, both located on the premises of the Estonian Open Air Museum, on the shores of Tallinn Bay.

Elements of a Metafarm consist of two architectural installations: Interaural Contour I and A Light Journey. Interaural Contour. Interaural is an acoustic term that refers to the imagery that is perceived when identifying with different natural phenomena (wind blasts, bird song, the sound of flowing water) through the rhythm of one’s breathing. The design of the installations is based on neurological studies on how the surrounding space influences the reception of different sounds by the human brain. Using this scientific knowledge the installations seek to support human creativity, well-being and stress-relief. The purpose of the so-called metafarm in the context of the vernacular architecture at the Open Air Museum is to provide a moment of contemplation and a chance to perceive the passing of time. Interaural Contour I, accessible either by boat or on foot through the shallow water, is a space for personal reflection. Throughout the exhibition, until September, the focus of the construction is on the apparent trajectory of Vega, the brightest star in the Lyra constellation. Even though we are accustomed to take the Polaris as an absolute in the stellar sky, there is a cyclical movement between Vega and Polaris – unfathomably long for the human senses – that alternates the role of the northern pole star between the two. These micro and macro level vibrations, in our nervous system and in space, are the main subject of the installation. Elements of a Metafarm is part of the celebration of the Estonian Open Air Museum’s 60th birthday, which has been dedicated to ‘the advancing museum of the future’.

Marianne Jõgi was born in 1983 in Tallinn, Estonia. She received her MA degree in installation and sculpture from the Estonian Academy of Arts and is currently a PhD student at the Tallinn University of Technology, where she is researching architectural acoustics and novel environmental technologies. Her spatial works provide conditions for viewing the world through a blend of architectural form, cyclical interactions between the human and the cosmic, and the concept of life-supporting mental and physical environments. She has taken part of exhibitions and creative projects since 2005. In 2013, Jõgi was awarded the Young Artist Award for her installation Inaudibles.

Elements of a Metafarm is on view from June to September, until the end of Estonian Open Air Museum’s 2017 exhibition season.