Maison Martin Margiela‘Youth Project’, 2009

The Outset Youth Projects at Haus der Kunst, Munich have been running since 2007. Working alongside well-known international contemporary artists and contemporary art collections the projects give young people the opportunity to engage in creative practices within the context of international contemporary art. The workshops are directed towards young people who, either through disability or social deprivation, have had little opportunity to visit public museums or galleries.

A group of seventeen students from Samuel-Heinicke-School for children with impaired hearing were invited to respond to Margiela’s unique fashion creations. Margiela uses unusual materials like paper, fish-nets, vinyl records and other everyday media. The students were encouraged to bring their own materials and incorporate them into distinctive items of clothing.

These items of clothing were then presented in a fashion show that the students choreographed themselves. A documentary film was also made of the workshop by a local film student which was short-listed for the Bayericsher Film Prize. The costumes were displayed alongside the exhibition and were subsequently displayed in the C & A window display in Munich.