Germany_Switzerland Patrons Circle

Trisha Baga‘“Madonna y El Nino” and “Untitled“’, 2018

Outset Germany_Switzerland supported the donation of two works from artist TRISHA BAGA, with the support of Societe Berlin at Berlin Art Week 2018, for the permanent collection of the MMK Frankfurt. 

TRISHA BAGA was born 1985 in Venice, Florida. She is an American artist living and working in New York City.

Her work is installation based and incorporates video, performance, and found objects. The artist is fluent in the emotional manipulation of popular culture. From Madonna to Plymouth Rock to American Beauty, the artist channels and contorts the manufactured effect of mass culture in her immersive videos, installations, and performances. And if her environments are often overwhelming, with maximal arrays of information being emitted by screens and sounds and objects, they nevertheless deploy their cultural cliches with pinpoint accuracy, situating the viewer not only in a specific historical moment but also at a precise point along a narrative arc.

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Mr. Ramin Salsali, Outset Germany_Switzerland Trustee

Trisha Baga “Madonna y El Nino“ 2011 Video “Madonna y El Nino” (25 min. 11 sec.)