Outset Netherlands is proud to have supported the semi-permanent installation Sanctum by Dutch artist Levi van Veluw.

The installation consists of a deep blue chapel integrated in the raw architecture of the former munition factory and current space for contemporary art and culture – het HEM. Sanctum invites contemplation and questions the role of the architecture within today’s spirituality. The work is based on Van Veluw’s long term research into the tension between faith and the tangible. 

Within this research, Van Veluw is particularly interested in the aspects of the religious process. He investigates whether he, as an artist, is capable of provoking a convincing spiritual experience in the visitor. Through the use of light, symmetry and harmony — often utilized to depict the pursuit of divine perfection — as well as forms reminiscent of altars, idols and temples, he manages to evoke a sacral experience. Van Veluw chooses not to focus on political issues surrounding faith, but rather explores how the various faiths operate in the mind of the faithful through form and image.

Levi van Veluw (1985) is a multi-disciplinary artist and has produced works ranging from scenographic installations, photographs, films, sculptures, paintings and drawings. Sanctum at Het HEM is his first semi-permanent installation in the Netherlands, which challenged him to develop into architectural structures. In addition, Sanctum forms an important next step in his research.

In 2019 Outset Netherlands committed to a multiannual support of Het HEM – a new home for contemporary culture with a multidisciplinary art program made with visionaries of our times – individuals who broaden our view through their personal story, professional practice or perspective. Their mission is to invite today’s creative makers and thinkers and collaborate with them to develop multidisciplinary art programs that shed new light on the world around us. This year is the second installment of our support and follows last year’s CHAPTER 2WO by Chilean artist and composer Nicolás Jaar. Once again het HEM brings forward an artist who uses sound as an essential part of their work, as Sanctum embraces the silence within a vibrant institution.