Yota Ioannidou‘LECTURE - PERFORMANCE’, 2018

The artist Yota Ioannidou launches a new thematic chapter of events and exhibitions at State of Concept, which will explore the concept of justice under the title “Department of Justice“. The lecture – performance refers to the trial of the Greek journalist Staktopoulos and his imprisonment in connection with the murder of the American journalist George Polk, who was the CBS news correspondent, in northern Greece in 1948, one of the most difficult periods in greek modern history. The lecture – performance acts as a precursor of her solo exhibition in May.

In her projects Yota Ioannidou creates and revises archives, following a process of research (visits in archives and in situ research), collection (texts, images, data, maps, films) recordings, involving various ways of formulation. The formulation of the research material combines storytelling and formation of reading and performing groups on the research subject.


State of Concept