Netherlands Patron Circle

Leandros NtolasFour Elements, 2020

Outset Netherlands supported the production of the site-specific installation Four Elements by Leandros Ntolas. Four Elements was on show at the Prospects & Concepts exhibition by the Mondriaan Fund, showcasing new talent during the contemporary art fair Art Rotterdam. 

Over the past editions Art Rotterdam has shown a growing commitment towards art at the outset that has not yet been established within today’s art market.

In Four Elements, Ntolas focused on the colonial and industrial history of the Van Nelle factory – where the exhibition takes place. For the composition, Ntolas relied on the working method of archaeological excavations. In it he depicts, through the different layers of the earth, the different production processes that can be found in the structure of the building. The title is a reference to the tobacco, coffee and tea that were manufactured in the factory, and the water that played a role in the transportation of these colonial goods.

“This work embodies my own paradoxical and poetic approach to archaeological practice, by making an archaeological excavation art a site where the building is still standing, and using-as archaeological findings- natural materials that could never have been found in the ground in this form.”

Being mostly known for his immersive works around light, Four Elements shows an interesting tendency towards a new materiality in his practice.

Given the temporary nature of the work, Ntolas solely used materials he was able to return or preserve for future use – creating a sustainable cycle in the production of the work.

We are proud to have supported Ntolas in both the production of the work, and his practice by providing him with the opportunity to exhibit at the international stage of Art Rotterdam. The work carries a pressing cultural relevance, exposing the histories interconnected with the spaces that allow us to experience and enjoy art.