Outset Professionals

Keren Cytter‘The Coat’, 2011

In April 2011 Outset Israel donated The Coat, by Keren Cytter, to the Tate Collection. Cytter creates films, video installations and drawings that represent social realities through experimental modes of storytelling using a dynamic movement of camera and fragmentised narrative. The conversations, monologues and narration are used to undermine traditional interpretation. Her films recall amateur homemade movies yet with their artificial appearance, the use of montages, memories and delusions they become intensified and poetic works. The Coat depicts a dramatic love triangle between two brothers obsessed with the game of Sudoku and a beautiful young woman from East Germany. As the story unfolds the viewer is entwined in the turbulent romance between the woman and the younger British brother, who for the past seven years has visited her behind his brother’s back.

The younger British brother suggests she goes to Los Angeles with him, but by the time she is convinced he finds himself in the middle of a hard and challenging Sudoku game and is unable to leave. Will he ever go to Los Angeles? Will his older American brother ever forgive him after their terrible secret is revealed? This colourful tragedy combines a wide range of effects and devices to tell its story.