Outset Professionals

Karen Russo‘Meditations On A Triangle’, 2010

Outset Israel supported the production of Karen Russo’s latest project Meditations on a Triangle which premiered at her solo show at CCA, Tel Aviv (April 2010). The project is part of Karen’s continued research of the para-psychological phenomenon of Remote Viewing, a mental faculty developed by the CIA during the Cold War for military purposes, which allows a Remote Viewer to describe a target that is inaccessible to normal senses. In a series of drawings and video installations based on Remote Viewing sessions, she explores how this practice may influence art and vice versa: ?

Is it possible to Remote View works of art, what are the implications of such an experiment on the way in which we think, perceive and experience art? Meditations on a Triangle includes a video by Karen of a Remote Viewing session of a Kandinsky painting along with three sculptures by British artists Shezad Dawood, Mark Titchner and Jeremy Millar. The project explores whether works of art possess a spiritual core or energy, which may be captured and communicated, and questions in what dimension works of art exist.