Netherlands Patron Circle


Outset Netherlands is proud to have supported Jennifer Tee and Melvin Moti for the 16th edition of the Istanbul Biennial. With the support of Outset the essential performance aspect of the work Tee was made possible at the biennial.

The 16th Istanbul Biennial entitled The Seventh Continent was curated by Nicolas Bourriaud. The title is a direct link to the formation of a huge mass of waste of floating plastic in the Pacific Ocean that has been called ‘The Seventh Continent’. The 16th Istanbul Biennial explored this new continent: a world where humans and none-humans, our mass-productive systems and natural elements, drift together, reduced to particles of waste.

The works of Jennifer Tee (1973) respond to experiences of cultural hybridity, identity and language, and trade routes between people, commodities and objects from nature. Tee’s works in Istanbul took on the motif of tulips. The artist showed a series of collages made with pressed tulip petals, drawing from motifs of souls continuing on to new lives taken from tampan and palepai textiles from Sumatra. She is also carried out research in a museum garden in the Netherlands called Hortus Bulborum and has collaborated with Jane Lewty on an eco-poetry performance involving several dancers. Alongside these works, Tee has developed a knitted floor piece on which visitors could recline during invited moments.

The main reason behind the support of Outset was the relevance of the subject, the location within its multicultural and political unstable city of this biennale and because we are convinced that art could host as acceleration for engagement and to generate a better understanding of and towards each other. The work of Tee resonates strongly within this context and therefore with Outset.

The Istanbul Biennial 2019 was held from September 14 until November 10.

Outset is more than a philanthropic organisation supporting cultural agents. In a landscape where contemporary art has been overlooked for decades it extends the very terms and possibilities for an art scene to grow.

Helena Papadopoulos, Founder of Radio Athènes